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The Museum of the NSC of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The history of  the museum’s creation


The museum is situated n the administrative building of the NSC of the RK,  Syganak street, 20.

The area is divided into 2 exposition halls: the "History of bodies of VChK-KGB in Kazakhstan", "The history

of national security bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan". There is an archival repository.

There are:  in fund are kept -361units, 155 of it are showed at expositions, 39 cold steel  and fire-arms.

The most valuable (unique) collections: the collection of the Roman and Byzantine Empire coins of the  4 centuries AD (the collection was withdrawn by officers of the NSC of the RK at the custom during the contraband export, in 2010 it was given to the Presidential cultural center, Astana city).


Thematic halls of museum

Hall: "the history of VChK-KGB bodies  in Kazakhstan"


The exposition hall "History of VChK-KGB Bodies  in Kazakhstan" it is issued by stands with archival documents and artifacts since VChK creation before reorganization of KGB of the USSR.

Historical photos of secret service men, counterintelligence agents – participants of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, internationalist soldiers- participants of local wars are exposed at stands.

Among artifacts are stored the weapon of commanders and divisions of counterintelligence, the equipment of special communication and the weapon of saboteurs. The museum’s pride is: the rare exhibit - the machine - gun of “Maxim” system.

There is an exposition about the NSC archive’s activity.

During the  mass political repressions in Kazakhstan about 118000 people were condemned by judicial and non-judicial authorities. Since 1989 according to law acts, the state security bodies together with the prosecutor's bodies and the court  activated the work  of review  criminal cases of innocent victims of totalitarism. More than 102000 people were rehabilitated by prosecutor's judicial authorities in 2000.

Since September, 2000 the Central operative archive of the NSC of the RK functions as an independent Management of Inspection and named as the Special State Archive of the NSC of the RK.


Hall: "The recent history of national security bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan"


According to the  Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "About national security bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan", article 2 directions and activities of national security bodies are showed at stands.


"The recent history of national security bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan" at stands the directions and fields of activity of divisions and bodies of Committee according to f the (of December 21, 1995 No. 2710) are shined.