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The Reception of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan

010000, Astana, Turkestan street, 8/1

Ph. +7(7172)76-10-45, +7(7172)76-10-58, +7(7172)76-10-81

The Reception of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan considers applications and addresses of citizens, according to the Law of the RK “On the order of considering addresses of individual and legal persons”, “On the National security committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan” and other legislative and normative legal acts.

Addresses can be individual or collective, in a written form, send by mail or personally. Addresses recieved must be examined in a due course, no refusal is allowed.

Offers, applications and complaints must be done in official language. They should contain the following information: surname, first name, middle name, address, question, suggestions, requests, petitions, complaints, signature and date.

Receptions held by the authority, directions of territorial bodies and other officials and employees. The schedule is in the reception .

The reception in the Central body and territorial bodies of the NSC of the Republic of Kazakhstan are spent round the clock.